Chinese prosecuwhere to get wristbandstors told to keep defendants, public informed

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Prosecutors across China have been ordered to keep defendants and the public up to date on the progress of high-profile cases, including those involving corruption or minors.

The Supreme People"s Procuratorate, the top prosecuting authority, announced the move on Wednesday as part of efforts to improve transparency in the justice system.

"Introducing such a measure will ensure prosecutors handle cases with impartiality and will fully protect the legitimate rights of defendants and other parties involved in a case," Xian Jie, deputy director of the SPP"s Law and Policy Research Department said at a news briefing.

"This will promote the establishment of a society based on the rule of law," she added.

Chinese courts have handled a series of high-profile cases in recent months, including the trial this week of the gang behind a telecom fraud that resulted in the death of Xu Yuyu, a student from Shandong province.

Xian said prosecutors are now required to issue timely oral or written statements to questions raised by defendants or the public, including on case facts, application of law and legal procedures.

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