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Planners are seeking public opinion on an intercity railway linking Beijing and Xiongan New Area in North China"s Hebei province, which revealed that a new high-speed rail line is being planned between the two cities.

China Railway Design Corp (CRDC), a subsidiary of China Railway Corp, released an announcement last week seeking public comment till Thursday on the Gu"an East Railway Station and Bazhou North Railway Station in Langfang, North China"s Hebei province, that would be built along the new line, according to the website of the People"s Government of Langfang Municipal.

The announcement said the intercity line will start at Liying Railway Station in Beijing"s Daxing district, pass through Beijing"s new airport and Langfang and terminate at Xiongan Railway Station in Xiongxian county.

It"s been said that the line will be put into use in 2019, which is also when the capital"s new airport in Beijing"s southern Daxing District is expected to open, according to Beijing News.

It also said a single trip from Beijing to Xiongan on the line will be cut to about 30 minutes by then.

About a month ago, China Railway Corp invited domestic and foreign design enterprises to submit first-class architectural designs for the Xiongan Railway Station.

It said the station, covering about 100,000 square meters, will be a modern transportation hub to satisfy people"s needs and provide high-quality public services.

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